original concept sketch


  • twine - text based
  • form:
    • one game?
    • two complementary games? - one depicting external experience, one internal experience
  • experience:
    • disorienting - fragmented text, confusing visuals (ascii), 
    • unfamiliarity - move from familiarity to unknown, understand less over time
      • art is more concrete at first, becomes confusing (e.g. tree to blob)
      • blips of fragmented, cryptic text
      • walking home from class when suddenly everything disintegrates/comes alive (daydream)
      • goal is to revert it?  goal is to escape mundane, boredom?
        • given a choice: revert or commit to the changes?
    • exploration - hyperlinked/interactive environment
    • vignettes - string of not necessarily linear experiences, increasingly confusing
      • allow player choice of order?


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Sep 17, 2017

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